Okay to shoot at intruders says Nicholson

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Opposition calls him a 'vigilante'

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says Canadians should be able to shoot at backyard intruders . . . . but only in some cases, and only to scare them.

Nicholson, who is abolishing the gun registry this month, said it is reasonable for homeowners to use guns when they feel threatened.

But shooters would be better to aim over the heads of intruders or shoot beside them, not straight at them.

Nicholson made the comments speaking to a Commons committee and later repeated his gun advice during Question Period in the Commons.

It provoked an outrage from Opposition benches. Liberal leader Bob Rae accused Nicholson of “promoting vigilante justice.”

Rae asked what Nicholson would say to the family of a little girl crossing the street when somebody fires a warning shot at somebody entering his property.

Nicholson was furious. He exploded:

“Why is it so difficult for the Liberals to figure out who the real victims are? If people are coming on our property. . .

“If  people are coming on our property to set fire to our car, breaking into our house or attacking our family, those are the bad guys.”

Nicholson sounded like something out of Wild Western movie shooting down “bad guys.”  Some MPs were laughing at him. Others said later Nicholson’s bad advice is downright dangerous.

One MP said later that somebody who hears an intruder on his property  should lock the doors and call 911 instead of hauling out a gun and shooting back.

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